First Line of Defense

Installing Rolled Foam

First Line Of Defense

ROLLED-FOAM™ is used as the first line of defense to minimize/maximize temperature challenges.

Typically you would place ROLLED-FOAM™ on the outside of the building under the roofing, siding or concrete slab. Be sure to tape all seams and joints.  There are many additional applications of ROLLED-FOAM™ that may be considered.  Call your ROLLED-FOAM™ representative and he will help you determine how the application will work for you.

ROLLED-FOAM™ is designed to minimize vapor or condensation from penetrating the framing and other insulation material.  When the cold temperature collides with the hot temperatures, condensation occurs. The insulation factor of the ½” R-Tech polystyrene, sandwiched between two sheets of flexible scrim fabric makes the product ROLLED-FOAM™. This provides for minimal temperature variation. ROLLED-FOAM™ is designed to enhance other insulations used in the wall, ceiling or floor area's by 40%.  It allows for great cost savings especially when considering the purchase of air conditioning, heating equipment and other building components.

The importance of taping the joints and seams of ROLLED-FOAM™ should not be over looked.  Approximately 40% of temperature exchange is caused by air moving through small cracks, around light fixtures and plugs, windows and doors and where the floor meets the wall framing.  When you tape the seams and joints of ROLLED-FOAM™, taking great care to make it stick properly you will have done yourself a great service.

The  fact is,  ROLLED-FOAM™  greatly enhances other insulation material to magnify their R-Value.  ROLLED-FOAM™ is designed to assist other insulation material in stabilizing interior temperatures, when installed according to installation instructions and building  codes.   This is why ROLLED-FOAM™ is termed the “first line of defense”.  Put ROLLED-FOAM™ on FIRST and you will FEEL the difference. 

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