Warrenty Claims

What Specifier/Contractor/
Owner Does

Review industry wide data regarding insulation R-Value claims, warranties and certified products.

Prepare plans and specifications that call out for Insulation products that carry an Insulation Manufacturers Inservice R-value Warranty. This would apply to all insulations specified on the job as an “or equal” condition.

Contractor requests bids only from an insulation manufacturer having Certified and Warranted Roof Insulation, meeting the Warranty conditions as stated above.

At the time of submittal, contractor submits proof that the insulation he has bid has a Warranty type and minimum duration time as stated in plans and specifications.

Insulation data submitted must have Inservice Values stated for the product covering the entire Warranty period.

Place order for warranted Roof Insulation. Identify project and review basic specification requirements.

Be available to meet with Insulfoam Representative for the purpose of completing the Project Information and Data Form. Review conditions of Warranty with Insulfoam Representative.

What Insulfoam Does

Supply complete technical data, and Warranty sample on Insulfoam Roof Insulations. Supply to specifier, contractor, owner as necessary.

Review basic specification with roof specifier. Be prepared to supply specifier with data that demonstrates Insulfoam Insulation compatibility with roof system components and membrane.

Supply standard Warranty Information to contractor.

Be readily available to assist specifier, contractor, membrane manufacture, owner, code official, etc. in clarifying any points regarding Insulfoam IPS Insulation.

Record order as a Warranted Project. Review basic specification requirements.

Meet with contractor and complete Insulfoam Project Information Technical Center for processing.

Produce, mark, package and ship Insulfoam Warranted Roof Insulation to the project.

Warranty Charges

  • Thermal Warranty – No Charge
  • Full System Warranty .04 per sq. ft.
  • Minimum Charge $400.00

Download Warranty Form