ROLLED-FOAM™ Installation Instructions

Installing Rolled Foam

First Line Of Defense

  1. Unroll and cut to desired length with a straight edge and sharp utility knife.
  2. Place one end of the cut ROLLED–FOAM™ to the wall or roof ridge.  Fasten with wide head plastic washered nails or check with your  fastener dealer for special assistance.
  3. Pull tight until all slack is out and fasten at both ends.
  4. Align the first run of ROLLED–FOAM™  and fasten between the ends as needed.  Now rollout the succeeding runs of  ROLLED–FOAM™.    Keep the seams between the pieces as tight and straight as possible.  Use roofing or wall material as  you go for best results.
  5. Use 3” x 60 yd BT-025 tape or other similar types to seal all seams and splices to create a sealed, tight vapor barrier.
  6. ROLLED–FOAM™  performs best at approximately 50º for best flexibility.   Caution keep away from open flame.  Try not to step on the ROLLED–FOAM™.   See material safety data sheets for more safety information.
  7. For best results install ROLLED–FOAM™  closest to the cold environment. Both sides have the same tough scrim facing and perform as a vapor barrier and insulation. Tape the side that is most convenient.  The 3” x 60 yd BT-025 tape is made specifically to seal and splice joints to minimize the drift of cold temperature transfer and stop air flow from penetrating into dead  air space or other insulation material.  Use care in placing the tape.  This process of using ROLLED–FOAM™ will be your first line of defense for maximizing the R-Value performance of all insulation materials used in the application.

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